What The Readers Are Saying

I really enjoyed this book. The character development was amazing and I loved the way it was all wrapped up in the end. The message was also really strong and relevant for today. I also really enjoyed the author's writing style, the descriptions were very vivid (and quotable!) and the short chapters kept me interested. Overall I would recommend this book to a friend, with a warning that it takes some time to figure out what exactly is going on!


Baltazar Bolado

Baltazar Bolado is the author of numerous books and short stories including his most recent book Publius: Libertas Aut Mors, a heart-pounding thriller seemingly ripped out of today’s NSA spying, government corruption headlines.

Born in Texas, Baltazar champions the U.S. Soldier, reveres the U.S. Constitution, and honors the U.S. Patriots of 1776, and the modern Patriots of today who still believe in Liberty.

Baltazar lives in northern Michigan, where he enjoys all sports and hiking.

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